AI Engineer mentor

Job description

Are you an experienced AI Engineer? Do you love the idea of guiding students to a future career in AI? Then you have come to the right place! Then you have come to the right place! We are looking to recruit experts to share their knowledge and skills as mentors of students on our AI Engineer path. 


We are recruiting data and AI mentors because OpenClassrooms has a partnership with Microsoft to create an AI Engineer path to train students in the highly sought-after competencies in AI and access highly technical jobs.  

Why become a mentor?

  • Share (your knowledge): you'll have a clear and direct impact on students life.

  • Acquire (experience): mentors often say they learn a lot from their students. Mentoring isn't about imposing one's worldview on others. It's about knowledge, support, and listening. 

  • Earn (money): all mentors are paid for their time and can make between €35 - €40 per hour.

  • Enjoy (flexibility): mentors set their own schedules. You can have only one student to start and increase to 3, 5 or 10 later if you want. Our team will do its best to satisfy your requirements, based on your availability and on students' enrollment.

Your mission

As a mentor, your role would be to support and accompany individual students once per week over videochat in order to help them acquire competencies by projects and complete their learning path. Paths on OpenClassrooms are made up of fully-online courses and projects, and completing the projects allows students to earn internationally-recognized degrees.


We are looking to recruit AI Engineer mentors with the following skills and experience:

  • At least two years' experience in Data Science and an experience in the cloud (preferably Azure)

  • At ease with the following topics and tools recommended :

DS Fundamentals - Exploratory Data Analysis ( Azure Text Analytics Cognitive Services    - Python + Data Science libraries)

ML Fundamentals - Classic ML models

Advanced ML - Unstructured Data Preprocessing (Azure app Services)

Advanced ML - Deep Learning (Azure ML services, Python NLP/CV librairies)  

AI Product Deployment (Azure Databricks, Cloud)

AI Project management 

  • A good listener and like helping people accomplish their projects 

  • You're available at least 1 hour per week in order to mentor 1 student. 

  • You have learned the basics of OpenClassrooms mentorship by taking the "Foundations of Mentoring" quiz in the course Become a mentor on OpenClassrooms (15-20 mins)

  • Excellent spoken and written English