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Mission description

Job Description

OpenClassrooms is the leading online education and employment platform in the world, with a mission to make quality education and career advancement accessible and affordable to all.

OpenClassrooms is an alternative to traditional higher education, offering students the chance to earn associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s-level diplomas at their own pace, fully online, and with the guidance of a dedicated mentor. OpenClassrooms also helps students find work in their target field with the help of a dedicated coach.

You’ll join our community of Career Coaches. Your aim is to help our students land their dream job after their training.

You will work at your own pace, and you can have 1, 5 or even 15 students (max 30), according to your availability and to OpenClassrooms' students enrollment



We are looking to recruit coaches with the following skills and experience:

  • You have a strong professional network, experience in sales (you master the art of cold calling), recruitment and HR
  • You have successfully coached people looking for a job and have inspiring examples to share
  • You’re well aware of the job market in the UK or the US
  • Your resume and your LinkedIn profile are obviously perfect
  • You’re willing to do everything in your power to help our students: you’re inspiring and would be able to market their profile. From the application to the contract signature, you’re guiding our students towards success.


  • Have you ever coached? With what results?
  • You’ve never coached, what are your motivations? What would be your method?
  • Strong sales orientation
  • A coaching diploma is a plus

Why become a coach?

  • Share (your knowledge): you'll have a clear and direct impact on the lives of your students. They'll be eternally grateful for the help you give them.
  • Earn (money): all coaches are paid for their time and can make between 35€ per hour.
  • Acquire (experience): coaches often say they learn a lot from their students.
  • Enjoy (flexibility): coaches set their own schedules. You can have only one student to start and increase to 5, 10, or more later if you want. You can work wherever you want, anywhere in the world, as the whole gig takes place online.

To apply:

  • Submit a CV and a short letter of motivation
  • Learn the basics of OpenClassrooms functioning by taking the "Foundations of Mentoring" quiz in the course Become a mentor on OpenClassroom (15-20 mins). The course "Foundations of Coaching" will be available soon.
  • Optional: provide a 2-minute video on why you are interested in this role and what you have to offer. A video is a great way to help your application stand out.