Spontaneous applications

Mission description

You wish to train the future professionals of your job?
You like to share your experience and pass on your skills?
We are looking for someone like you to share their knowledge and skills as mentors.

Your mission: lead your students towards success thanks to weekly follow-up videoconference sessions

What are the common skills of all our mentors?

  • Passion: Dynamic and enthusiastic, you share your energy and your motivation is communicative.
  • Pedagogy: You know how to adapt to the differents profiles and needs of each of your students, and how to organize your mentoring sessions accordingly
  • Communication: You always place yourself in a collaborative work mode, popularizing complex concepts, sharing constructive feedback
  • Cooperation: You carry out a rigorous and structured follow-up of your students, in connection with OpenClassrooms.
  • With OpenClassrooms, you continuously learn from your students and keep up to date with developments of your professional environment


What are the prerequisites for mentoring on this path?

  •  You have at least 2 years of experience in the field you are applying for
  • You are comfortable with the technologies described on the page of the path that interests you
  • You have a company structure or an freelance status in order to be able to invoice your services monthly, or you are ready to create one
  • You are passionate about your job, and like to talk about it with dynamism and enthusiasm
  • You adapt your communication style to the profiles and needs of your interlocutors
  • You know how to simplify complex concepts, set objectives and give constructive feedback
  • You are rigorous and involved in your missions

Are you ready for the adventure? Joins us!

The application process:
- Click on "apply" and fill in the required fields
- If your profile is selected, you will be asked to produce a 10-minute video related to the path you wish to become a mentor
- We will keep your application on hold and offer you the opportunity to become a mentor as soon as we receive new students on the path you applied for.

Join the OpenClassrooms mentoring community and participate in the democratization of education!